(Published 2018)

The Atlas of Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy is a bridge between basic and advanced operative procedures in shoulder arthroscopy. Specialist shoulder surgeons from around the world have provided insights that will help the reader to both understand and treat difficult pathologies of the shoulder.

The authoritative content includes:

  • A diverse range of operative procedures for treating the same pathology.
  • Alternative operative options for identical or similar pathologies
  • Time saving techniques and tips to facilitate improved outcomes.
  • Superbly illustrated in color
Imhoff AB, Ticker JB, Mazzocca A, Voss A, eds.  An Atlas of Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy, CRC Press, London, 2018, pp. 1-368.

This Atlas provides the most up to date resource of advanced arthroscopic techniques, as well as including all the standard procedures. (It) will appeal to both experienced shoulder surgeons as well as the orthopedic surgeon seeking to enhance his or her knowledge of shoulder arthroscopy.

Book Chapters

Chapter 21 – Arthroscopic repair of the subscapularis

Chapter 30 – Arthroscopic suprapectoral biceps tenodesis with dual expansion PEEK anchor and bone socket fixation