Shoulder arthroscopy is a popular minimally invasive surgery designed to treat a wide number of shoulder injuries and degenerative conditions. Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens & NYC area orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist, Dr. Jonathan Ticker is able to utilize arthroscopic shoulder surgery to inspect, diagnose and repair issues within the joint.

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery involves the use of a very small camera, known as an arthroscope, and thin surgical instruments to inspect and repair the shoulder joint following an injury or degenerative joint condition. The procedure allows Dr. Ticker to create tiny incisions into the shoulder joint and insert an arthroscope to view the joint’s interior structures in great detail on a connected video monitor in the operating room. Additional small incisions may then be created to insert the special surgical instruments into the joint to complete the repair.

Shoulder arthroscopy is a preferred surgical method around the world because of its minimally invasive approach. The approach provides a quicker recovery time with less pain in many patients compared to a traditional open surgery. The procedure is typically completed in less than one hour under regional or general anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

Dr. Ticker prefers an arthroscopic shoulder surgery when performing these procedures:

  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Subscapular repairs
  • Stabilization for shoulder instability
  • Labral and SLAP repairs
  • Capsulolabral reconstructions
  • Subacromial decompressions
  • Arthritis debridement and spur removals
  • Shoulder reconstructions
  • Shoulder nerve releases

Shoulder Arthroscopy Recovery and Rehabilitation

Although shoulder arthroscopy is considered a minimally invasive surgery, patients may require a few weeks to several months for shoulder pain to completely diminish and full joint function to be restored. It is highly recommended patients take a few days off work and normal activities to help the repaired joint rest and begin the healing process following surgery.

Following arthroscopic shoulder surgery, it is extremely important all patients follow the rehabilitation guidelines provided by Dr. Ticker and his orthopedic team. The rehabilitation process between Dr. Ticker, his team and the patient is critical to a full and speedy recovery. The daily rehabilitation exercises begin immediately after surgery, the first day in many cases. All patients will be provided with a detailed rehabilitation outline designed to increase the repaired shoulder’s range of motion and overall function.

Patients can expect some degree of shoulder pain, swelling and overall discomfort in and around the repaired joint. Dr. Ticker commonly recommends ice packs or a cooling pad to help alleviate pain and swelling following the minimally invasive procedure. All patients are expected to follow pain medication guidelines at all times.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Recovery Time

Recovery after shoulder arthroscopy varies for each patient depending on type of injury, injury severity and procedure performed by Dr. Ticker and his orthopedic team.

For additional information on shoulder arthroscopy, or to learn if arthroscopic shoulder surgery is the correct procedure for you, please contact the Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens & NYC office of orthopedic shoulder surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Ticker.