Capsulolabral Reconstruction Overview

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and is responsible for lifting and rotating the arm, as well as reaching overhead. Shoulder instability is a common condition that occurs frequently in the young, active population, mainly because of the joint’s wide range of motion. Patients who have experienced a shoulder dislocation or other traumatic injury to the joint are prone to ongoing shoulder instability. This is because the dislocation caused the soft tissue restraints within the shoulder to become loose and easily slip out of place. One of the most popular procedures for chronic shoulder instability is an arthroscopic capsulolabral reconstruction, otherwise known as a Bankart repair. Dr. Jonathan Ticker, orthopedic shoulder surgeon, is proud to offer this surgical procedure to geo area patients suffering from recurrent shoulder instability.

A Bankart repair, or arthroscopic capsulolabral reconstruction, is the most common procedure performed for chronic instability. The reconstruction can be performed by Dr. Ticker as an arthroscopic or open approach. In the majority of cases, he will select the arthroscopic approach since it is minimally invasive and will help patients return to activities quicker with less pain.

During the arthroscopic capsulolabral reconstruction, Dr. Ticker will repair the inferior shoulder ligament that is torn away from the labrum. He will then reattach the torn labrum and appropriately re-tension the surrounding ligaments. A Bankart repair is highly successful in providing shoulder stabilization in patients without significant bone loss.

Bankart Repair Recovery and Reconstruction

Following a Bankart repair, patients will be encouraged to apply ice or a cold pack to the repaired shoulder to help ease pain. Dr. Ticker will prescribe pain medication to help alleviate discomfort, and all patients are expected to follow medication guidelines. In order for the repaired labrum to heal to the glenoid after an arthroscopic capsulolabral reconstruction, patients will be required to wear a sling or similar device for approximately six weeks. A physical therapy program will then be prescribed to help regain strength and full range of motion to the shoulder.

Arthroscopic Capsulolabral Reconstruction Recovery Time

The majority of patients can expect a full return to overhead sports in about 4-5 months, and a return to contact sports in about six months.

For additional information on arthroscopic capsulolabral reconstruction, or a Bankart repair, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Jonathan Ticker, orthopedic shoulder surgeon proudly serving patients in the greater geo communities.