Dr. Jonathan Ticker, Shoulder Specialist Serving Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens & NYC

Dr. Jonathan Ticker is a board-certified and fellowship trained shoulder surgeon and sports medicine specialist proudly serving patients in the greater Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and New York City (NYC) communities. Dr. Jonathan Ticker treats both non-operative and operative conditions of the shoulder joint, as well as a wide number of sports injuries at Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group. He is one of the most trusted and respected shoulder surgeons, and focuses on the needs of his patients.

He is an accomplished clinician, medical researcher, author and lecturer. He is dedicated to learning and teaching the most advanced practices in shoulder diagnosis and treatments. In addition to his busy clinical practice, he is sought after for teaching regionally, nationally, and internationally the most advanced surgical practices in shoulder procedures. Dr. Ticker’s five text books he has edited and co-edited on the shoulder include:




Customized Approaches in Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Ticker focuses on minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures when shoulder surgery is necessary. He is recognized by both his peers and patients for his dedication of treating shoulder conditions and sports injuries with a customized approach.

With his dedication to continually learning and teaching medicine, Dr. Ticker is able to provide successful patient outcomes that allow patients to return to the athletic activities they enjoy as quickly as possible.

“The safest thing for a patient is to be in the hands of a man engaged in teaching medicine. In order to be a teacher of medicine, the doctor must always be a student.”
– Charles D. Mayo, MD

Continued Research in
Shoulder & Sports Medicine

Active individuals of all levels have trusted Dr. Ticker and his orthopedic team during their entire treatment process, from the initial diagnosis to final rehabilitation. Dr. Ticker provides patients with many years of experience and the latest in medical research so patients can experience a full and complete recovery. With continued research in shoulder and sports medicine, Dr. Ticker is able to recommend the best treatment plan clinically proven to return patients to an active, healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ticker has published numerous books on the current concepts and techniques of shoulder surgery and shoulder arthroscopy for orthopedic surgeons world-wide.

An Atlas of Shoulder Surgery
(Published 1998)

An Atlas of Shoulder Arthroscopy
(Published 2003)

An Atlas of Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy
(Published 2018)

American Shoulder & Elbow Surgeons 25th Anniversary
(Published 2007)


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