Shoulder Instability Session Speakers & Moderators, Saturday, October 7th, 2017 – From left to right: James Tibone, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Guoqing Cui, Beijing, China, Seung-Ho Kim, Seoul, Korea, Greg Hoy, Melbourne, Australia, Eiji Itoi, Sendai, Japan, Hiroyuki Sugaya, Tokyo, Japan, Jonathan Ticker, Merrick, NY, USA, Yong-Girl Rhee, Seoul, Korea, Markus Scheibel, Berlin, Germany, Pascal Boileau, Nice, France, Peter Yau, Hong Kong, China

Dr. Ticker spoke at the 44th Japanese Shoulder Society Annual Meeting and 1st Asia-Pacific Shoulder & Elbow Symposium in Tokyo, Japan on October 6, 2017. He served as a Lecturer for the following sessions:

  • Special Session Lecturer: Japanese SS, Korean SES, & American SES, October 6 “A History of Shoulder Surgery in North America”
  • Lecturer – Session: Rotator Cuff – Partial-Thickness Tears & Biceps, October 6 “Biceps Management for Rotator Cuff Disease: A Case of a Medium Tear”
  • Lecturer – Session: Rotator Cuff – Small to Medium Tears, October 6 “Five Important Steps for a Successful Cuff Repair”
  • Lecturer – Session: Rotator Cuff – Anterosuperior Tears, October 6 “Subscapularis Repairs and Its Importance When Associated With Posterosuperior Cuff Tears